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Liberty Personnel has a number of flexible options for your hiring preference. We can accommodate you for direct hire, temp to perm or contract employment.

Please review the hiring options listed below and contact a recruiter to discuss the terms of these arrangements.

Contingency Search

Give us your job description and we will track down and screen qualified applicants for the position. There are no upfront costs incurred by the employer. Reviewing resumes and interviewing applicants is free. There is no charge to the employer until an applicant is hired and has started. Under this arrangement, there are no costs unless we deliver.
Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities.


Contract / Temp to Perm Hires

Liberty Personnel can give you the flexibility to hire an employee through a temp to perm or contract basis. Under this arrangement, the employee would go on Liberty Personnel’s payroll for a limited time period and work at your facilities.

The employee would be converted to a full time direct position after an agreed upon time period, or continue on as a contract employee.

Retained Search

Employers choose to do a retained search for a number of reasons. It could be an urgent hiring need, a confidential opening, or a high level position within their organization. Many companies just prefer to use Liberty Personnel’s service over other recruiting agencies.

By retaining our services and paying the fee up front, we will clear our desks and make this hiring need our top priority.

Company In

The "Company In" program is an established system where we streamline the hiring process for you. Studies have shown that employers know whether they are going to hire somebody within 20 minutes of meeting an applicant. This program allows the hiring manager to meet a number qualified applicants in a few hours.

Make Appointment

Schedule an appointment to come into our office to interview potential employees. We will have the best four or five applicants that we have recruited and pre-screened for your position ready to interview.

Interview Applicants

Applicants will interview with the hiring manager in half hour intervals. This will allow you to meet a wide range of talent in a short period of time and streamline the hiring process.